the idea

Since its founding in 2007, online publication Consequence of Sound has been reporting music and festival news.

In 2010 we designed and developed a new WordPress site for CoS. Since then they grew to a staff of over 50 people writing for over 50,000 visitors a day. Our four year old design needed a refresh that would cater to CoS’s growing mobile audience. On the technology side, CoS needed a more stable and scalable platform capable of handling their 200,000 daily pageviews.








Since we had been working with CoS since their first redesign, we had a good idea of what needed to be done.

When it comes to web standards, a great deal changes in 4 years. Everything needed to be rethought with new technologies in mind.

New main sections, Aux.Out. and Rock It Out Blog had joined Festival Outlook, so a consistent branding system was needed.

Mobile traffic was up to over 40% of visitors, so the site needed to be mobile-friendly. Traffic kept growing, reliable hosting was needed.


The first step was a brand refresh; with an already established brand, we didn’t want to completely rebrand.

The main issue with the old logo was the amount of detail in the record making it feel dated, clunky and difficult to identify at small sizes. By simplifying and abstracting we made it more modern and sleek while retaining it’s original shape and character. It became more recognizable at smaller sizes and easier to apply in different situations.


festival outlook

rock it out! blog

The site’s three main sections: Festival Outlook, Aux.Out. and Rock It Out Blog also needed to fit into a cohesive branding system that could be used to identify them as special features.

A complete brand guideline document was created at the end of the process. Check it out (pdf)

ux & design

We wanted the design and experience to be responsive, modular, and clean.

Design started with wireframes, accounting for different responsive breakpoints. A module system was designed so different groupings of content could be combined to create custom layouts on the homepage and section pages. During this process ad placements were considered and included in the wireframes.

From the wireframes, hi-fi designs were created, keeping in mind what we learned during the branding phase of the project. We wanted the design to be modern and sharp but not lose the personality and brand recognition CoS had built over the years. We also wanted to show off the great photography and album artwork that accompanies stories.


Consequence of Sound’s new WordPress site was built with to WordPress .com VIP enterprise guidelines and content from the previously custom built Festival Outlook was migrated to WordPress. Backbone.js and Underscore.js are used for dynamic and fast loading of content. Elasticsearch ensures that site and Festival Outlook search is fast and relevant.

A new WordPress and integration for user accounts is currently in progress, along with other new features.

We've been clients of Doejo for five incredible years, and we plan to continue that relationship for years to come. Under Doejo's guidance, we've been able to capitalize on the latest technology to create a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge website unlike any other in our field. Doejo's attention to detail, out-of-the-box thinking, and desire to create the best possible product is what keeps us coming back over and over again.

Alex Young

CEO & Publisher