The founders of social recommendation app Mouthee tasked Doejo in creating a simplified platform for sharing favorite restaurants, hotels, movies, music and books to friends and family. We helped them build a product and a brand worth smiling about.

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Case Study

Lifelong friends Chad Silver and David Pritzker love making and receiving recommendations online—Yelp and Foursquare for restaurants and hotels; Amazon for books; Last.fm and iTunes for music; Fandango and Rotten Tomatoes for movies—they’re all over the place. But they wondered, why aren’t these platforms’ best qualities simplified into one noiseless app? That’s when they came to Doejo to build their idea for Mouthee—a play off “word of mouth”—which we just launched in March 2012 for iOS. The concept is simple: Users make recommendations (“Rec it”) of their favorite restaurants, hotels, movies, music and books, all tied into the APIs of Amazon, iTunes, Yelp, Fandango, Last.fm and OpenTable. These platforms in turn aggregate scores of info into Mouthee’s clean user interface. Mouthee eliminates the anonymous rants of Yelp reviewers, the glib check-ins of Foursquare and the overcrowded walls of Facebook, yet still pairs social network-based likes and comments with the ability to read more, sample and purchase other users’ recommendations (i.e. buy that new book on Amazon or hear that great song on iTunes). To top that off, it’s location-based so you can browse popular finds in your neck of the woods.
After you start making recommendations, leaving comments, liking posts and uploading photos, Mouthee ups your status and ranking, rewarding users with badges—which can get pretty competitive if you’re the tastemaker of the group. Users can keep track of their activity score and compare it to friends as well. In addition to giving recommendations, users can also request them (“Get Recs”) from other users or specific users. For Mouthee’s logo and brand identity, Doejo eventually played off the acronym WOMBAT (“Word of Mouth Based Advocacy Technology”) with a toothy-grinned wombat character. This embodies Mouthee’s identity of being charismatic, energetic, friendly and fun. Aside from seizing your attention, this character comes in handy when users rate recommendations, from a frowning wombat to a full smile. A month after its official launch, Mouthee has received a five-star review, from iTunes users who have used the app, with reviews reading, “This is a great way to search for and find qualified recs about restaurants hotels books music and movies. A very useful tool.” And “Great way to find [rec’s] from those you trust the most.”
Doejo is a creative force like none other. The contribution by their team at every stage of the process has been tremendous. From helping us define our brand identity, to guiding us through the engineering and development process, to ultimately delivering an intuitive and beautifully designed application, Doejo's deep bench of incredible talent has helped to launch our vision to a whole new level.

- David Pritzker, Founder