5 Fast Growing SaaS Startups to Watch in 2021

In 2021, the already thriving SaaS industry is showing promising signs of further forward momentum. Research reveals that an estimated 73% of public companies are going to turn a majority of their apps into SaaS by 2021 and furthermore the corporate mobile market within SaaS is expected to be worth $7.4 billion by 2021. One clear message from 2020 is this - investors and entrepreneurs are still aggressively investing and innovating in the SaaS sector.

Today, we are diving into 5 of the fastest growing SaaS startups of 2021, statistics are provided by AngelList and CrunchBase.


Product-Workplace Productivity Platform

ClickUp is a SaaS that is aimed at optimizing teamwork and crew collaboration. It integrates seamlessly with popular productivity platforms like Slack, Github, or Dropbox.

Intelligent design task management and superior UX design makes ClickUp a favorable product in productivity circles.

Clickup has raised upwards of $137.5M in funding, and has quickly grown to over 100 employees. 


Product - Online Learning Platform 

Virtually is a platform that combines the best aspects of online learning with integrated payment processing, customizable live classes, exclusive training camps, and more. 

Due to COVID19 lock-downs, many schools and training companies are adopting online learning platforms such as Virtually as a solution moving forward, which has ignited Virtually’s growth throughout 2020 and early 2021.

Virtually has raised $1.9M in seed funding, making it a notable SaaS to watch out for and gain inspiration from.


Product - Low Code Development Automation

Prodly was created to help startups create and release applications faster. With its AppOpps platform, low-code development becomes accessible even to non-developers. Prodly can help developers save time and money while developing the first few iterations of an application. 

Prodly team has secured $7M in initial seed investments 

Forrester Research reports that the total market for low-code development platforms will reach a staggering $21.2 billion by 2022


Product -Marketplace For Crypto Goods

OpenSea is unique because it is the first and biggest two-sided marketplace for crypto goods. You can buy and sell anything from gaming loot to domain names. 

With over 12 million digital items currently listed and 90,000 in ETH transaction volume, this SaaS company is scaling at a rapid pace. The gaming market is simultaneously on the rise, which has greatly influenced the growth of OpenSea.

With crypto currencies becoming more widely accessible and trusted, and Tesla purchasing $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin, OpenSea is even further positioned to thrive. 

OpenSea has raised $4.2M in seed investments so far.

Working Den

Product -Home Health Care

Last but not least, Working Den is a home health and happiness SaaS for remote employers and employees. Surveys are now showing that 98% of people are actually fine with working online for the rest of their career. Yet many individuals also mentioned that it is becoming more difficult to “unplug” from work. 

Working Den aims to offer a solution to track, maintain, and optimize physical and mental wellness in the work-from-home community. 

In particular, it offers tools to protect your eyesight, avoid depression, reduce loneliness, reduce stress, help create a healthier environment, and assist in keeping you fit. 

SaaS Industry Growth in 2021 and Beyond

The startups we discussed are just a few of the many fast-growing SaaS movements in 2021.
As per market reports world, the global Software as a Service market size is estimated to grow to USD 60.3 billion by the year 2023. That’s an estimated yearly growth rate of 10.9% by the end of 2021. Demand for problem solving SaaS companies is increasing as individuals and small businesses continue to adopt SaaS solutions for their daily life and business.

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