Big News: River North Bow Truss opening this week

The word’s out: We’ll be opening the second Bow Truss this week in River North—right at the steps of the Merch Mart Brown Line, 406 N. Wells St. 

Here’s DNAInfo’s piece on us today:

While the storefront shop does include 14 seats, the bean-roasting mogul says he’ll be content if he only sees neighbors once a week to refill their at-home bean supplies …

“We just want to make it easy for people to get a good cup of coffee, and get educated on coffee,” Tadros said. “I think it’s really important that people make a cup of coffee at home. You may have a second cup of coffee [at Bow Truss] or this might be your first cup of the day, but I think people should have a nice pour over set at home and come here to buy their beans.”

To that end, he plans to host a full roster of classes at the new location, with staff experts teaching “everything from espresso to roasting to tea history” classes, said Talya Strader, the company’s retail manager, who hopes to have a calendar packed with mini-courses on the River North shop’s website by March 1. … Chicago got a sneak peek at the new coffee shop while Tadros and Strader worked on the finishing touches. Highlights include eclectic furniture from Tadros’ own antique collection, like a commercial grade mixer and wooden toboggan converted into tables and counter space, and a vintage cash register from Tadros’ own home.

Much like the Lakeview location, the industrial space is freshened with splashy pop art; in this case, that includes a giant chalkboard wall and a floor-to-ceiling painting of a superhero.

Soon, artist Floyd of Artpentry will help create a sound system comprised of a fishnet full of functional speakers above the counter.

Thanks DNAInfo!

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