Bow Truss Coffee Roasters announces sponsorship of BMX rider Kevin Porter

This week, Bow Truss Coffee Roasters announced that it will sponsor BMX Pro, Kevin Porter. Some time ago, Porter made waves as the first BMX rider to be sponsored by a coffee company, which was a perfect match given his love of the bean. Kevin will also be joining the Bow Truss staff as a sales representative where he hopes to infuse the BMX world into the coffee world even more. “I’m rebuilding my palette, I’m learning my coffee education… the fact that it’s a developing company, the fact that I get to utilize all of my skills makes me really happy.”

Kevin Porter’s love of coffee began as his BMX travels took him around the world and into different coffee shops. His interest in the industry and experience with shops like Half and Half resulted in his ownership of Delicious Cafe in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood and culminated with a multi-year sponsorship with Intelligentsia. He’s got caffeine pumping through his veins. Motivated by his positive experience with the Chicago-based independent roaster, Kevin is excited to bring his innovative perspective and knowledge of coffee to the next step with Bow Truss. The Chicago native loves the city’s coffee community because as he says, “It’s super progressive, it’s like a family. The more I get to know people, the more I understand. It’s cool.” Owner Phil Tadros shared that Bow Truss welcomed Kevin when “he came to us with a passion for coffee and people. Kevin felt our fresh collective of coffee veterans would be a perfect match of credibility with the excitement of being a budding startup.”

Once quoted on the cover of RIDEBMX magazine as the leader of the new school and, interestingly, as a “coffee snob” by ESPN, Kevin has been promoting his work through various markets. Kevin has worked with a host of successful action sports brands like Flybikes, Fox, Quintin Co, Duffs and Empire to develop 10 different signature shoes, 7 signature BMX frames, multiple parts and accessories. Though he skipped the Dew Tour this year, Porter looks forward to representing the architectural Bow Truss logo as he rides every day after work and prepares for the Texas Toast competition in Austin this fall. See more of Kevin’s travels and time at Bow Truss on Twitter and Instagram at @TierraKP

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Image by David Leep