Bow Truss Coffee Roasters: The reviews are in

In Bow Truss’s first 50 days, we’ve watched the space make some great headway from newer blends and espressos to increased seating and decor. We’ve even had a few parties, a pop-up bakery shop visits and sponsorships.

Reviewers from CorneroftheCafe, Pure Wow, GapersBlock, TimeOut Chicago, New City and neighbors on Yelp have been tremendously praiseworthy since we’ve opened and brewed nine coffees—especially for our inaugural Ethiopia Sidamo V60-brewed blend.

What makes this Sidamo offering so special (if a bit controversial) is in its processing method. Manager Talya says the approach to leaving the coffee bean’s cherry intact during processing gives the blend sweeter flavor notes. But if its not processed correctly and ferments during drying, it can ruin the whole batch. Although, it can still be processed correctly and still ferment, she says, it’s all a game of chance. It’s done judiciously but as Talya says, “If done well, the chance of risk is celebrated.” Well our farmer’s risk is your reward, unmistakable in the single origin’s syrupy blueberry, blackberry and plum flavor notes.

So what’s the buzz been like for locals visiting Bow Truss in its first 50 days? Check out some of the highlights below from Yelp.

Awesome shop – I really like the layout and use of decor/space. Great service and product— Also was recommended to try the Rwanda, and it is outstanding.” – B.D.K.

“At the time I walked in, they had about 6 or 7 varieties on the shelf, all roasted within 4 days. Little things count to me, all the labels are color coded, and feature quite a bit of information clearly, including origin, taste note, and roast date. …  The pour overs and iced are lovely, and I hope this place thrives…” – Jon D.

“The room is great. Open, airy, & interesting.  The coffee choices are fairly straightforward: a few different methods with a single bean recommended for each, plus some espresso-based options.  I tried both a V60 (pour-over brew) and cold brew, each made with a different Ethiopian bean. … I was impressed, and the product delivered. was among the best coffee I’ve ever had.” – Phillip C.

“[In] a neighborhood filled with independently owned coffee and tea shops, Bow Truss coffee roasters stands out. … The drinks I had there were consistent (the most important thing, in my experience) and delicious.” – John G.

Quaint shop… awesome decor.. friendly staff..  sweet layout… They are a coffee roaster with a cafe setup to highlight their own freshly roasted coffee beans. … I purchased a bag of Columbia, Huila to make cold brew in my Filtron… smooth and chocolaty! diggin’ this place for sure!” – Quezon D.

“I never drink coffee black, but this was the first time I was actually able to enjoy and savor coffee the way my coffee snob friends tell me I should.” – Elliott R.

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