Bow Truss Grand Opening Day

More than 200 coffee and beer enthusiasts, friends and neighbors helped us celebrate the opening of Bow Truss Coffee Roasters this Tuesday, despite record heat. All the more reason to wait in line for one of Eric McNeil’s refreshing Strange Pelican brews or iced Bow Truss coffee.

On tap, Strange Pelican provided a Rye IPA, a Belgium Blonde with juniper berries, and a Beir de Garde. The selection from Bow Truss was iced Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and pour over V60 Ethiopia Sidamo.

Check out the snapshots from our grand opening and head over to our Facebook page for more close-ups.

Coffeeshop culture blog, recently paid us a visit as well:

I was impressed by a number of things during the couple of hours that I spent there.

First of all, the space they call home is incredible.  …  I can appreciate that they’re keeping coffee at the center of their focus. They’re not selling a brand and they’re not selling an experience—they’re selling coffee. Pure, unadulterated coffee.  …

Like a lot of us coffee-loving kids here in Chicago, I’m genuinely excited about what’s happening with Bow Truss Coffee Roasters.