Bow Truss & Pelican blend a runaway success

Sometimes at Bow Truss, we do collaboration blends. We’ve done one with Technori, Threadless, All Plaid Out and others, typically to sell to fans of those companies or blogs. But it’s our colab with local “post-metal” band Pelican that’s been one of the most successful out reaches.

Bow Truss’s wholesale operations manager, Brian knows the publicist of Pelican guitarist Trevor de Brauw, who just so happens to love Bow Truss coffee. The next thing you know there’s a Bow Truss & Pelican “Strung Up From The Sky” Blend with a custom label being sold out at the merch table of the band’s show at Bottom Lounge on April 18th. About 40 pounds have sold out so far at shows. So naturally, they ordered more.

Soon after the band posted about the coffee on Facebook, we received visitors at our coffeeshops looking for the blend too! We just restocked the canoe shelves.

The coffee, inspired by one of their popular songs “Strung Up From the Sky,” is our signature canopy blend of Central and South American coffees. The band loved the taste notes of chocolate, cherry and peach and is looking to do another colab when their next album drops in the fall.

The Bow Truss & Pelican “Strung Up From The Sky” Blend is currently $15 and can be purchased in our retail shops and online store!

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