BowTruss on LendSquare. 36 months at 12% interest.

What is LendSquare?:
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What we need and why:
We’ve grown like crazy. Opened a second location, made our coffee available at more restaurants and caf├ęs, and brought you select and transparently-sourced single origin coffees (and a few exciting blends, too!). For us to continue on our path of expansion and innovation, we will need to increase our roasting capacity. The demands of our growing customer base at our coffeebars and our wholesale partners’ establishments, motivated the decision to expand. We’re seeking out a larger roaster to allow us to keep our coffee quality as high as possible. This machine will greatly increase our roasting capacity allowing more and more people to taste the delicious coffees we create.
We want you to be involved and to be a part of our growth, as so many of you have been already. We love what we do, and we think that you will too! Check out the video from the original BowTruss in Lakeview, it will give you an idea of how we brew it.

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