Designing Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce’s eye-catching logo

Young, well-educated, progressive, tech savvy, early adopters: these are words used in a recent study to describe Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood―which, incidentally, Doejo calls home. As proud members of the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce we were more than eager to help them come up with a new logo reflecting our lively ’hood.

The former logo that represented the chamber for years was an ornate park bench with a street light pole. However, LVECC organizers felt it no longer represented its constituents. They wanted something hipper, with some excitement. When Doejo designers pitched the orange and blue eye overlooking the lake logo, LVECC officials loved it right away and adopted it within weeks. 

Today you can see the logo emblazoned on street pole banners, event posters, promotional items, LVECC business cards, gift cards and even on the reflective vests worn by the area street clean-up crew. It’s also humbling to see it representing LVECC’s float at the Pride Parade and signage at the Lakeview East Festival of the Arts, right around the corner from our offices.

Check out some of its uses. And read more about this project at our Work page

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