Digital Agency Haikus

I was feeling rather poetic today.  It’s a lovely day: early October, fall foliage.  Blue skies, and the Chicago Cubs just won a playoff game.  Inspiration, move me brightly.  And, since I am a huge fan of technobabble, buzzwords and industry jargon (who isn’t?), I decided to pay homage to former Cubs great Kosuke Fukudome and compile some haiku poems that had come to me during a fantastic dream I had last night:

Platform the codebase
Leverage new technologies
User centric flows

Full stack engineer
Front end application too
Ship the M.V.P.

Consume big data
Marketing analytics
New product insights

User personas
Innovation strategy
What does that all mean?

Content marketing
Engage brand affinity
Synergies valued

Cross-channel selling
Syndicated content feeds
Re-targeting me