Does using a mobile or desktop device impact the way you use the web?

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What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Check your email and Instagram? I know. Me too. And then we sit at our desks all day staring at computer screens, only to spend the rest of the night glued to smartphones and tablets. We’re always connected to social media sites, but do we act differently depending on the device we’re using?

A new study from ShareThis measured social media actions of mobile and desktop users throughout the course of 30 days. And surprise, surprise: the people accessing Facebook and Twitter on their mobile devices interact twice as much as people on desktop computers. Of those mobile device users, people who have iPhones are the social butterflies of the group. The study also states that iPhone users are one-and-a-half times more likely to share content than other smartphone users.

Now that we know who is sharing the most on the web, where are they sharing this content?

According to the study, the majority (60 percent) of sharing from mobile devices occurs on Facebook. That’s not really a surprise since we idly log on to Facebook the second we turn on our phones. iPad users, on the other hand, do 50 percent of their sharing on Pinterest. While desktops may seem like the anti-social device, users share way more through email on their PC or Mac than any other device.

But what are they sharing?

ShareThis dives deeper into our sharing habits. iPhone users post things related to family and parenting, arts and entertainment, health and fitness, and the government, the study says. Mobile Appleophiles are also more likely to interact with friends on Facebook, listen to music and read news updates on their phone. However, iPad users are more likely to share or browse for things that are visual like recipes, fashion, and home and garden content.

“Digital is reshaping the publishing and advertising industries while mobile has changed the way people find, consume and share information. Regardless of the device or channel, sharing is the purest expression of interest-based social activity. With these insights, publishers and advertisers can understand the connections between content, consumers, their devices and their sharing habits in order to navigate the ever-changing digital, social and mobile landscape.”

– Kurt Abrahamson, CEO of ShareThis. “


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