Event highlights of TechWeek 2012

A whirlwind five-day event that showcases the developing technology renaissance in Chicago, known as TechWeek, begins tomorrow throughout Merchandise Mart. Packed with over 150 events that feature 500 speakers and 2,000 technology companies, creating a schedule for TechWeek might seem like a daunting process. Fortunately, we have done the work for you, probing TechWeek.com in search for the most interesting and informative events—and we already know you’re going to Phil’s event monday.

Below we highlight our top five events:

Chicago: Uniquely Positioned to become the Next Tech Hub?
You know that developing technological renaissance in Chicago we were just talking about? This event will explore this furry of activity that has swept the Second City, touching on how the communities of business leaders have harnessed this energy, the power of Chicago’s central location and powerful ways to innovate online and off.
Friday, June 22. 10:15am-11am

Everyone Can Code. And Should.
If you think of technology as the new foundation of society, the importance of learning to code dramatically increases. This event features two Code Academy instructors who will prove that anyone can (and should) learn to code. They will take by you through their personal stories while enabling you to obtain programing literacy and the ability to express your ideas though code.
Sunday, June 24, 2:00pm-2:45pm

Small Business Tsunamis: Outsourcing & Crowdsourcing
The Internet has brought many opportunities for a new type of entrepreneur: the small business owner. Thanks to outsourcing and crowdsourcing there has never been a better time to start a business. This event will explore power of the Internet and how it has enabled small companies to propel themselves forward on very little financing.
Friday, June 22. 11:15-12

Fireside Chat: Jason Fried, 37Signals
This conversation with Jason Fried, the co-founder and CEO of 37Signals, will explore key concepts from his blog and book, applying them to startups today in a practical manner. The changing nature of the startup and how it continues to shift will also be explored.
Sunday, June 24. 10:30am-11:15am

Keynote: Travis Kalanick, CEO & Co-Founder, Uber
Learn about veteran startup entrepreneur Travis Kalanick’s adventures in bringing technology and business innovation to urban transportation challenges at this event. Currently the CEO of Uber, an on-demand black car service, Kalanick has also had success in the areas of consumer Internet and enterprise content delivery. Kalanick will also discuss his plans to take Uber on a global scale.
Monday, June 25. 9:45am-10:30am

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