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Philip Tadros is the Founder and CEO of Doejo an award winning Innovation Studio and INC 5,000 Company. Tadros also Founded and Manages Space by Doejo a Co-working loft in River North. Tadros was casted for ABC “Shark Tank” and featured on CNBC “Planet of the Apps” and a Moxie Award winner. He recently joined up with cofounder Mike Walsworth to create New York based business incubator OpenHouse NYC which provides creative studio space exclusively for startup companies such as: @OpenHouseNYC (which serves startups including GitHub), The Green Market Group (formerly Blended Magazine), Quidsource, Yarn & More, Weev (now Tumbleweed Software) Partnering partners range from major Fortune 500 businesses like Microsoft, Amazon, Google or AT&T (All but one are headquartered in Silicon Valley). In recent years OTRU has been awarded three National Institutes Of Health Clinical Center grants totaling over $30 million dollar through it


Phil Tadros Entrepreneur | How To Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Philip Tadros builds brands with strategy, design and software development. From forming a team to going to market. Raising capital and exiting etc

How to start an entrepreneurial journey
Having grown up in New York, Phil moved to LA to be an artist and filmmaker. After 17 years in Hollywood, a series of personal and professional events ended with a disillusioned, burnt out and disillusioned Phil. At this stage, he was tired of making stuff that people didn’t want to see and found himself at a crossroads. That is, he had to decide if he was going to continue in the business world or start something new. “I realized that I’d reached a place in my life where I wasn’t sure if I’d achieved what I set out to do in business. It was a difficult decision, because I didn’t know what to do next.” -Phil Tadros, founder, HYPO Diving into the world of startups Phil started contemplating the idea of starting his own startup.

How to build a team
Phil has been a leader in starting up and growing companies for 20+ years. For 3 of them he was an entrepreneur without a team. (See this interview with him for how he did it). His entrepreneurial path that I share below is based on many years of experience, but the key building block has always been leadership. Building a team is no different from building a company. There are typically 3 building blocks to make a team work well: Leadership Create/adopt a shared vision Build a shared vision around project and team goals and responsibilities With each person there should be a goal that can’t be achieved without the other 2 together. Often people are doing things they want to do or may like to do rather than things that make the team stronger, smarter and more effective.

How to build a product
Turning an idea into a viable business Investing Phil has a knack for getting things done with his contacts, leadership, experience and determination. He is a well recognized advisor and speaker within the VC community, and founder and CEO of BuildFeed. Phil became an entrepreneur at an early age, learning from his family, teachers and mentors. While still in school, he was recruited to join one of the biggest banking franchises in Canada, Wells Fargo Canada where he built up a team, created a sales system and had the opportunity to travel throughout Latin America. This led to a long career at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young working with some of Canada’s largest companies as the lead visionary and strategist. Phil grew up on a dairy farm in the Canadian prairies with a never say die attitude.

How to build a brand
Product: Online Course Concept: Anybody can learn a skill. Anyone can build a business and make a product. Goals: Get my students to learn the skills they need to take their startups to market. Reward: Students enroll in my online course ‘Make Your First Self-Employment Pledge’ and pledge to start their business or to contribute to it, and put in the required hours of service to the organization. Powerpoint Check out their course here 401K Money Report Best Ben Franklin Fun fact: Ben Franklin was a member of the secret society, The Freemasons Showing signs of being lazy – period. Ben only had 13 kids and the unemployment rate was one out of six people during that time. He had six books published, he was a great printer and a scientist, and he invented Franklin’s Triangle.

How to raise money
As an entrepreneur, you will need to learn to fundraise and find early stage funding. While fundraising for early stage ventures can be challenging, there are a few ways to make it less so. Be a rich person For many entrepreneurs raising money is their number one goal and if it seems impossible, this might be the case. Before deciding to take venture capital or angel funding, take a moment to understand that you do not have to be a multimillionaire in order to attract early stage capital. In fact, many entrepreneurs are not. Nose and ears to the ground As an entrepreneur, you are naturally going to spend a good deal of time out in the world, meeting with potential clients, interacting with suppliers, and talking with experts.

How to make money
If you want to get some money, first, get a job. Then get a good team. Build software and get market share. That’s how you get money. It’s that simple. Learning from failure Fail fast, then fix, then iterate. Don’t just think. Don’t just talk. Don’t just talk to a few people. You’re a product person. You’re not a marketer. You are a product person. Don’t say, “Oh, I have to talk to my Board of Directors.” Just start talking to your customers. You’ll know who they are if they pay you money. If they pay you money, you already know who they are. Then you need to think about your big customer groups. If you want to get into the music industry, and you are a software developer, you need to find out what the big record labels are doing. Figure out how to build a product that they will pay for.

How to exit
Phil Tadros Your cash is as good as your exit strategy. Founders should think about how they are going to get their money back, before they think about their next fundraise. Steve Blank Founder, For A | Designing startup software products Steve Blank’s advice for entrepreneurs who want to find product-market fit. Philip Tadros Product Development Pitches Philip Tadros Your inspiration. Philip Tadros How to work on the board of a company Why do you need a board, how does it work and what is a good board profile?

Business ownership is an experience that will be, for the most part, either a positive or negative one, in its various iterations. Through experience we gain knowledge and power over both our individual and collective destiny. The author Philip Tadros has interviewed over 1000 entrepreneurs over a thirty year period and is the Founder of the super successful branding company Tadros and Partners.
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