How To Capture Customer Attention In A World Of Information Overload

1. Become remarkable enough to drop your advertising budget. To be remarkable is to give people something to remark about. Imagine placing no ads, and making no sales calls. Paying for no marketing whatsoever—just answering the phone and starting to work for new clients. Impossible? Not according to Doejo Founder Phil Tadros. “We are an innovation studio passionate about creating brands, platforms, products, and experiences people love,” he declares. Doejo might be doing just that, and in a remarkable way. Case in point: In a previous article, I wrote about my choice of a web-based marketplace to sell a few surplus guitars ( Now I come to find out that Doejo created that site. Remarkable. No wonder Doejo doesn’t have to advertise. Word-of-mouth advertising is the least expensive and most effective method of getting the attention you’ve always hoped for. What can you do to get the right people talking about you to your future customers?

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