Instagram Account Hacked? Don’t expect Instagram Support to Help You.

If you find yourself hacked by what turned out to be Nigerian Bitcoin Scammers and you have gone through the endless and useless loop of Instagram support you might just find it’s easier to hire a hacker to get your account back, unfortunately.

I’m not going to waste your time taking you through all of the Instagram steps that don’t really apply to an account that the hacker scammer already changed your email and phone number and you can’t just reset either and get access. Instagram has an endless loop of steps that lead you to absolutely zero help for a situation like this.

Most big companies don’t care to help if you have a problem, but you better believe they are quick to jump on a call when you want to give them money. So I decided to book a call with a Facebook ad specialist. BOOM! did I get attention. Phone call, chat and emails instantly. So one thing you can do if you want to see how your support ticket is going with the Instagram hack is reach out to add sales. They were fast to reply, but even then it was just useless.

So I’m day four into watching this Scammer harass and attempt to take advantage of my Friends and Family etc using my name and even adding a pic of me and my daughter to a fake iPhone screenshot. WTF.

This is when I had to take matters into my own hands and face the fact that Instagram is not set up for real support in the case of an actual emergency of scammers hacking and committing fraud, literally stealing money from people. A brilliant Instagram Hacker and I teamed up and forced our way into my account to regain control and I’m writing this post so that if you find yourself in this emergency position and need help please reach out and let’s see if we can help you get your account back.

*Please reach out if you need personalized help in your situation and I can get you a quote based on how difficult it might be. Each situation is unique.

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