Introducing Creatureopolis and the Chicago Beast

Metropolis has Superman. Gotham City’s got Batman. But who will defend the Second City (that’s not some alien-planet-outsider or trust-fund one-percenter)?

That’s where the Chicago Beast comes in, the first Frankenstein’s monster-esque creation by new local apparel company Creatureopolis. The imaginative art-driven startup by CEO, Clay Neigher merges major city sport’s mascots—Chicago’s Bulls, Bears, Cubs, Sox, Fire and Blackhawks, for example—into one super beast. Detroit and Cleveland are next—so get pumped.

Disenchanted by the oversaturated tacky city souvenir t-shirt market, Neigher started Creatureopolis inspired by civically enamored Chicago flag tattoo-owners, unofficial fan shirts crafted by venders outside of Wrigley Field and the spirit of inner city youth sports programs.

“I wanted to create something that honors the city, caters to sports fans from all demographics and make something that even non-sports fans could get behind,” says Neigher, who’s also the creative director and artist. 

A part of the proceeds goes to youth sports teams—future Bulls, Bears, Cubs, Sox, Fire and Blackhawks among them.

“I love kids and grew up playing sports and making art,” he says. “I believe that having an outlet for kids to learn the value of selflessness and team work through sports can teach them life lessons that will serve them for the rest of their lives.” 

Doejo worked with Neigher to build his e-commerce site, provide copy, social media strategy and shoot photos of the shirts (with Doejo’ers Adam, Rachel and Monique), among other services. Check out and –and friend and follow Creatureopolis on Facebook and Twitter for more updates! 



You can find him lurking in the ivy of Wrigley Field, thrashing under the floorboards of the United Center, or clawing up the pillars of Soldier Field, the heroic beast of Chicago. Wrought by civically amorous designers and die-hard sports fans in an underground lab deep beneath that part of Lower Wacker you’re too afraid to traverse, The Chicago Beast was born.

UPDATE: Eccentric designer toy store and gallery Rotogugi at 2780 N. Lincoln Ave. just picked up Creatureopolis’ first Chicago Beast shirts (for those of you who can’t wait to have it shipped out).