Introducing the new Doejo Workshops logo


A few weeks ago we started a new series called Doejo Workshops. Every week the Doejo team gathers around the pingpong table, I mean “meeting table,” and learns something from their co-workers.

Each workshop gives the team a taste of what someone else in the office does from design to development. Doejo Workshops was created to help spark conversations between different groups and educate each other.¬†With that in mind, our design interns created these logos. After several revisions and much feedback, we finally chose one. We started with several ideas from gears to code. After the first set was unveiled to the rest of the intern team, we decided a crest/badge would represent the series the best since it had a scholastic feel that reminded us of Hogwarts and Game of Thrones. Each element inside of the crest represents Doejo; the pencil represents design, the lightbulb represents the creation of ideas, the gear for development and the pingpong paddle represents our “meeting table” and office culture.

Stay tuned for more about Doejo Workshops.

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