Introducing Vicelight, an app to crowd-source daily decision making

When it comes to making daily choices, you’re the indecisive type. Before a night out you’ve tried on everything in your closet, you hold up lines choosing your Venti nonfat caramel Macchiato at Starbucks and the idea of narrowing down paint samples might as well be like picking a baby name.

Gawh, how’d you even make it to work this morning?

Sometimes you just need a second opinion or the instant advice of all your friends. The new Vicelight app—now available for FREE in the iOS App Store—helps you make those tough everyday choices. This photo-based app lets users upload photos of questionable outfits, food options, music choices—anything—for anyone to vote on. Can’t decide which American Idol contestant you like or if the new James Bond movie is worth seeing? Ask your friends!

Doejo built the app and produced the motion graphic video explaining how it works—check it out here. Read more about this project in our case study.