Make Bow Truss part of the ‘Best Day of Your Life’

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When you wake up on June 21st with sand in your eyes and a strong hatred for that alarm clock, remember that today is the best day of your life (at least according to Thrillist). It also just so happens to be the longest day of the year! So, don’t waste your day away sleeping; follow Thrillist’s itinerary for a perfect day and explore Chicago’s best of the best.

Did we mention the crew at Bow Truss is helping spread the greatness with free coffee at 7 a.m. at the River North location? After weeks of voting, Bow Truss was chosen from a handfull of local coffee shops to be part of your special day’s itinerary!

While we love Bow Truss coffee, don’t forget to stop by the rest of businesses on the list, including the drool-inducing donuts at Glazed and Infused. How could you pass up a doughy Maple Bacon Long John?

Don’t stop there. While you’re partaking in your, well let’s call it a “cheat day,” you might as well stop for breakfast, in-between Bow Truss and Glazed and Infused visits, for some biscuits and sausage at 2 Sparrows.

The rest of the itinerary features Chicago delicacies including hotdogs from Franks ‘N’ Dawgs, pizza from Chicago Pizza Oven and Grinder Co. and Italian beef from Mr. Beef. You can’t call yourself a true Chicagoan without trying all of these delicious foods. And since it’s Friday, you’ll probably want to stop on by the pub for a pint or two. Forget about the 5 o’clock rule and start early at the the John Hancock Center’s Signature Room high above the city. If day drinking isn’t your thing, stop on over at the new Howells & Hood at the Tribune Tower for happy hour or end your night on the rooftop of Hotel Lincoln at The J. Parker in Lincoln Park. Drink a little or drink a lot, but whatever you do, make sure you have the “Best Day of Your Life.”

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