Map of the Dead updates available!

You’ve been waiting long enough! Here are Map of the Dead’s new features and upgrades – and what to expect in the next version below!

New features:

Improved scanner range control

All previous users get the full $3 value scanner upgrade for free, increasing your scavenging range. New users can purchase 3 scanner upgrades from $.99 to $2.99

Unit activity feed, see what others are doing, post messages

Now you can finally keep tabs on your unit and post messages – or warnings

• Search friends from your address book, invite Facebook friends

Connecting with friends and inviting them to play has never been easier


New upgrades

Reset Timers: Don’t want to wait to fight and scavenge again, or retrieve your lost backpack – for $.99 you don’t have to.

Repair Kit: Take out the crack in the screen and eliminate the screen static

Backpack: Need more room? Add 10, 20 or 30 more slots to your bag – from $.99 to $2.99.


Fixes and improvements: 

• Ability to sell all items instantly in requisitions

• Equipped items no longer take up backpack slots

• Hide equipped items on the sell screen in requisitions

• Stability improvements and other bugfixes