Map of the Dead Updates: Hotzones, Outposts and Leaderboards

Updates for Map of the Dead are available today, giving you even more of opportunity to slay the living dead. Here are the things we added:

Hotspots – Getting bored of killing zombies in your local coffee shops and bars? Expand your killing zones by entering hotspots. These new locations (train stations, hotels, etc.) are prime real estate for brain eaters. Now you can enter train stations, airports and hotels to test our your new katana and scavenge. In a hotspot you can: Enter the location, kill zombies and come back for more. There’s no limit on the amount of times per hour you can enter these new locations.

  • View the number of infected flesh eaters before entering the hotspot, allowing you to pick your battles.
  • Find rare weapons once clearing out a hotspot completely.
  • Claim the hotspot as an outpost after killing off all zombies in that location.

Outposts –These locations are Zombie-free hotspots, which can be used like a second base.  Store your ammo, weapons, and food here in case you can’t make it back to base. But if you’re away from your outpost for too long, it will become infested with zombies again. In outposts you can:

  • Store weapons and supplies
  • Share space and items with others in your unit.
  • Prevent/slow zombie regeneration by upgrading security to your outpost including: padlock doors, boarded windows, barbed wire, tripwire grenades, the spike trench or shotgun trap. Unit members can even contribute.
  • Add all upgrades to keep outposts free of biters

Stats – Map of the Dead champs, it’s time to shine. Now Map of the Dead will feature top players of the week and of all-time. So kill, sneak, scavenge and retreat to the top. The best of the brutes will be featured under the following categories:

  • Hotspots
  • Kills
  • Sneaks
  • Scavenges
  • Retreats
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