Map of the Dead’s pitch at Technori

[vimeo 60755531 w=660 h=371]

Last week we had the pleasure of presenting Map of the Dead, our mobile, location-based, augmented reality zombie killing role-playing game, at the Technori Pitch. In this video we share new details about the upcoming game which will be released later this month. Below we give you a quick run down of video highlights.

The easiest way to describe Map of the Dead is “like Foursquare for the Zombie Apocalypse.

The game helps players survive the apocalypse by visiting places near them, scavenging supplies and fighting the zombies inside.

Once inside a location you have three options: If you are feeling confident you can attempt to fight off the zombies with the weapons you have collected. Those who have scavenged “stealthy clothing” can attempt to sneak around the zombies. And finally, if you are totally outnumbered and injured you can run away.

Those who successfully kill zombies or sneak around them will the reap rewards: experience points (XP) that help you level up, ammo for guns and access to more powerful weapons and armor

When it launches in the app store, Map of the Dead will be free with optional in-app purchases. In-app purchases will allow users to take shortcuts, get more ammo and download unique skins.