Matthew “Danger” Lissner or Matt Day [video]

matt day

Matthew Lissner, long serving Money Man at Doejo, is stepping down tomorrow. His role as Accountant, though critical, has been dwarfed by his contributions as Master DJ, bisque connoisseur, HR aficionado, Elite Yelper, giraffe puppeteer and honorary head of Doejo’s music department.

He has touched all our hearts with his read-out-loud-tweets and made us laugh at things we would never want to admit that we found funny. Not to mention all that he did to keep our finances in order.

In honor of Matt, Doejo has distributed t-shirts with his likeness that employees will be required to wear every February 27th, which will be known as Matthew Lissner Day henceforth.

Matt, we love you and wish you the best :).

[vimeo 120750674 w=700&h=394]