Maurice’s: Telling the epic 90-year history of America’s largest sporting goods distributor

How do you tell the story of a charismatic 90-year-old sporting goods distributor while anticipating the company’s future?

Maurice’s Sporting Goods came to Doejo to capture this story in an 18-minute documentary with interviews of the members behind the family-owned company. And since the company is comprised of about 500 employees with products in over 6,000 stores worldwide, it had to be more than just a family tree.

The video begins with the remarkable story of company founder, Maurice Olshansky as told by the three succeeding generations who have run the company after him. Maurice’s grandson and current CEO, Jory Katlin then talks of how the company has evolved over the years through expansion and acquisitions. We interviewed about 13 other long-time employees to offer perspective on company strengths today with an eye on the future. The full documentary was aired during the annual company meeting, celebrating the 90th anniversary in December 2012.

See an abbreviated online version of the documentary in our case studies.