Media Production: FKS Wealth Management Promotional Documentary


We love projects that let our media production team combine two of our favorite things: pretty pictures (especially when we can add to our library of Chicago video clips), and interviews with real people who care deeply about something. The FKS Wealth Management team at UBS is very good at describing to potential clients what they do, but they needed our help to tell the world who they are. Instead of sitting them down and asking each team member to state their name, occupation, and list of responsibilities, we decided that the best way to introduce them to prospective clients would be to get them talking about what they believe in and what they care about. That’s hard to do when you have a limited amount of time with very busy people. And it’s even harder to put people at ease enough in front of the camera, lights, and crew to open up in a way that feels authentic when you get the footage into the editing suite. The director’s job on a shoot like this is to convince people to open up and speak from the heart, but also to listen for the most salient and relatable points and guide the interviewee to say exactly what you need for the edit. On this job, it helped quite a bit that the entire FKS team (Dmitry Farbman, Leo Khorolinsky, Paul Stepankovskiy, Yannek T. Nikodimos, Aleksandra Berdichevsky) was willing to put in the time needed to get great interview footage. We brought in the insanely talented videographer Fred Miller as Director of Photography and we are really pleased with the footage. Shot on a Canon C300, the interview footage looks great and the slow motion street scenes he captured on the Sony FS700 are beautiful.

Producer: Zhenia Koval
Director: Sean Cronin
Director of Photography: Fred Miller
Editor/Colorist: Connor Weitz

Philip Tadros - Founder
Founder of Doejo an award winning Innovation Studio and INC 5,000 Company. Tadros also Founded and Manages Space by Doejo a Co-working loft in River North. Tadros was featured on CNBC “Planet of the Apps” and a Moxie Award winner. Tadros’s ability to build and support strong, diverse teams with collaborative cultures, coupled with preference for innovation, has made him an authority on design and technology. He maintains positive and growing relationships with clients at Doejo with Companies like Pandora, Wilson and Groupon as well has helped Doejo be recognized globally as one of twelve WordPress VIP partners including one of the largest media companies, Tribune Media, ranked 45 on Comscore covering over half of the US market. Tadros’ ability to grow Companies has allowed for facilitating Construction, Development, Design as well as cohesively building talented Teams.