Michigan Avenue Magazine features Doejo in ‘City of Startups’

Chicago lifestyle magazine, Michigan Avenue showcased the city’s bustling startup entrepreneurial scene this week paying Doejo a visit. Doejo is cited as a leader in grand ideas and stimulating the tech ecosystem. Here’s an excerpt.

Fostering grand ideas is the ethos upon which 33-year-old Philip Tadros has built his career. A serial entrepreneur, Tadros purchased his first business, Don’s Coffee Club, when he was just 19. Over the next decade, his multiple coffee ventures became neighborhood joints that attracted like-minded creatives who, true to the conventional image, used the shops as mobile offices. Tadros decided to combine their powers and formed Doejo. The “full-service digital agency” takes on clients of all sizes (from venerable institutions like the Chicago Yacht Club to in-house projects like its new zombie-killing smartphone app, Map of the Dead) and guides them through the creative process—from designing a slick website to developing an overarching philosophy and company story. Doejo even applied its own process to itself to create Bow Truss, an artisanal coffee roasting company that seamlessly weaves technology into its business (think iPads instead of cash registers). When asked if he’s more of a coffee guy or a Doejo guy, Tadros picks the latter without hesitation. “Coffee for me has always been about the people and the environment,” Tadros says. “We do coffee well. But what stimulates me the most is meeting new people and going over ideas. It’s the culture.”