My Summer Internship Experience

Upon returning to Penn State for the second semester of my junior year, we were given our first assignment: get a summer internship. The task was a daunting one. How the hell would I be able to find a studio that I wanted to work for in a city I have never lived in? On top of that I would have to find a place to live, make new friends, and with wishful thinking ultimately get the job at the studio of my choosing. At the time it all seemed impossible.

While searching for studios to work at I came across the Doejo site. I was interested in looking for an internship that would better my experience with UI/UX design and this place seemed perfect. A fun office environment, great work, and a really cool vibe. At that point, my goal was to get hired there, but how? Make a lasting first impression. I created a promotional piece showcasing my work called Stacks, a designer themed Jenga set that was tailored to Doejo. A week after sending it I received an email with the subject line: “Hired.”





After a whirlwind of emotions and a crazy wrap up to my school year, I was off to Doejo for the summer in the amazing city of Chicago. My internship exceeded any previous expectations I came in with. I learned more than I possibly could have in the classroom, got to work with an amazing group of people who made every day interesting and fun, worked on some really awesome projects, learned a few things about hot dogs, became a better designer and had my best summer to date. If I had to do it all over again I definitely wouldn’t hesitate.

During the first semester of this year all the seniors in graphic design came together to host a Senior Internship Show, a video presentation event showcasing everyone’s summer experiences that was held last month. I created a reel showing my time at Doejo and my experiences in Chicago. Thank you Doejo for an amazing summer and an unforgettable experience!


[vimeo 109519490 w=700 h=394]

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