New World Ventures, Pritzker Group & DFJ Portage: Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to round up 30 impressive people in Chicago that are doing something in Technology & Business.

So many times people network online or at events but never really have the intimate space to really connect to sit and learn, listen and exchange properly. New World Ventures, Pritzker Group & DFJ Portage held a really nice meet up and flashing back here are some of the key points and people i remember.

We opened our first store and no one got it, we did so bad we opened a second store, and there they got it.
Eric Fosse – Homemade Pizza, Founder 

What people don’t realize is it took Threadless 10 years – to keep doing it to become successful.
Harper Reed – Threadless, CTO

Lot’s of developers don’t realize they can just show up in Chicago and get a job right away.
Sam Yagan – Founder, Okcupid


Chicago has many technology success stories, we are just not as loud about it.
Matt Mcall – Managing Director, Portage Ventures


We need to turn on the PR machine.
Genevieve Thiers – Sittercity, Founder


* So the lesson is, work work and work hard – document and promote your wins & embrace your losses. 

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