On the road to love: perfect strangers set out to find America’s love stories

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(Graphic from loveumentary.com)

True love isn’t just for fairytales and chick flicks. It is real. Love-enthusiasts Nate Bagley (Loveumentary) and Melissa Joy Kong (Technori EIC) are on a mission to find real love across America. The duo, who recently met in-person for the first time since joining forces, will be traveling to the ends of the country to find amazing love stories to share with the world in a series of podcasts and a book. So far Bagley has collected 20 stories, but they still need your help to find 80 more tales for their big trip. While the duo hasn’t posted anything from their journey quite yet, you can still listen to Bagley’s podcasts on The Loveumentary. Kong shared her plans for the tip at last month’s Technori Pitch where she called the room of startup industry supporters to action, asking them to share stories, support their Kickstarter, or even write and send that “last love letter.”

Be on the lookout for Kong and Bagley’s Kickstarter later this month and updates from their Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as their Website.

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