Product Feedback: Why You Need It (And How to Get It)

Getting feedback (from real live customers!) is a crucial part of the product development process. And ideally, you want it as early as you can get it. Phil Tadros of Doejo, a firm that specializes in building products using agile practices, even goes so far as to say it’s the main error a lot of managers make: “Too many product managers fail to solicit feedback from both their team and customers early enough in the development process.”

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Philip Tadros - Founder
Founder of Doejo an award winning Innovation Studio and INC 5,000 Company. Tadros also Founded and Manages Space by Doejo a Co-working loft in River North. Tadros was featured on CNBC “Planet of the Apps” and a Moxie Award winner. Tadros’s ability to build and support strong, diverse teams with collaborative cultures, coupled with preference for innovation, has made him an authority on design and technology. He maintains positive and growing relationships with clients at Doejo with Companies like Pandora, Wilson and Groupon as well has helped Doejo be recognized globally as one of twelve WordPress VIP partners including one of the largest media companies, Tribune Media, ranked 45 on Comscore covering over half of the US market. Tadros’ ability to grow Companies has allowed for facilitating Construction, Development, Design as well as cohesively building talented Teams.