Save Chicago Media
  • Chicago Independent Media Alliance (CIMA) is a coalition of local Chicago news media outlets that endeavors to keep local Chicago news accessible and thriving even during a global pandemic. CIMA approached Doejo with the unique challenge to redesign and redevelop their existing website to (1) promote their brand and message to local Chicagoans and (2) create a unique and intuitive donation sequence that catered to website visitors who wanted the option to make a simple one-click donation that would be equally divided to all CIMA outlets or to donate to specific outlets and specify the exact amount that donors wanted to donate to each outlet. With this, Doejo got to work building a reliable and fully customized donation sequence that would allow CIMA media outlets to be recipients of both direct (sole) and partial (divided) donations directly from the website. Online donors can visit the website and enter a single amount that is automatically split evenly among all CIMA members with this specific, sub-divided amount being disbursed directly to each outlets Stripe account where funds would be made available almost immediately. 
  • The unique donation experience was also tailored to a fully customized UI/UX for both desktop and mobile versions making this design fully responsive. We left no detail out, and accommodated CIMA’s site specific functionality. We met this challenge head on and provided a customized UI/UX for CIMA with an easy to navigate, optimized and fully responsive custom design that gave CIMA exactly what they were looking for in a custom donation website. This truly is one-of-a-kind!
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