New Mark for Sivananthan Laboratories

Freshening up the brand identity and logo for Sivananthan Laboratories.

Sivananthan Laboratories is a high tech business incubator focused on promoting economic growth in Illinois and the United States through fostering cutting-edge, fundamental research and development. Sivananthan Laboratories’ corporate model is the famous Bell Laboratories, whose many fundamental research contributions helped drive our nation’s leadership in technology and manufacturing. Indeed, the demise of major industrial laboratories such as Bell Labs and others has left a large gap in domestic technology development and threatens future economic growth. We are trying to bridge this gap by creating and assisting small businesses in nurturing their ability to research new technologies, create jobs, and generate innovative products and services. We at Sivananthan Laboratories cherish an ecosystem of scientific collaboration among academia, industry, and government while working with external partners to commercialize successful research. We will leverage these collaborations in order to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

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