SPACE hosts Dinner Lab

With only two days until we open our doors, SPACE is taking shape more and more every minute. This past Saturday we welcomed a Dinner Lab Chicago into our not yet finished space to host an awesome event and it turned out even better than expected.  Dinner Lab is an organization created to bring strangers around the same dinner table for a social dining experiment that puts the spotlight on up and coming chefs.  The cocktails were well crafted and the tapas style food preparation was absolutely delicious.  I could have easily indulged in two to three rounds of every course.  I got there early to make sure the folks from Dinner Lab were set and ready to go.  The transformation was fantastic. They used our desks as tables lined up down the center of the loft space and delicately set each one with menus and small votive candles.  I took a deep breath and then sat back and watched as group after group filed into our new space.  I’ve spent nine weeks anticipating what it might be like to finally feel the energy that comes from a group of people gathered in one place.  It was more than I had imagined.  I watched as people looked around, marveled at the view, laughed and shared stories under the quaint string lights that dangled above the tables.  The success of this event means there are more to come.  I’m ready.  Let’s open the doors!

SPACE & DinnerLab Collage logoWritten by Heather Bodie