Spirit Animals

I’ve always loved animals, ever since I received a Zoo Books subscription as a kid, later buying every single Animorphs book in existence while in grade school, and as an adult browsing www.zooborns.com on a regular basis. Maybe it was the Animorphs or  R. L. Stine’s Night of the Werecat that gave me the impression that having an animal totem is a totally normal thing, but even from a young age it was easy for me to find animals that represented my personality. Totemic symbols are very much a thing for many cultures around the world – spanning from North America, Africa, Arabia, Asia, Australia, Europe, and even the Arctic.


Here, in the U.S., we’ve really embraced this concept in colloquial conversation. You can take a Buzzfeed quiz sponsored by GEICO to help you find the most relatable animal, tag your Instagram posts to tell everyone about your spirit animal once you’ve figured it out, and if you’re a n00b still figuring it out, Urban Dictionary can help.
I was curious as to what kind of animals we have hanging around Doejo, and these are the spirit animals that each person disclosed represents them the most. What’s yours?

Check out the gallery of our spirit animals
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