Tech venture fund and local startup bastion: Lightbank

Brad Keywell and Eric Lefkofski can spot a good startup concept a mile away. As two of the founders of Groupon, they decided to start venture fund Lightbank which now employees more than 5000 people within 11 companies.

Keywell and Lefkoski tapped Doejo as the creative team behind Lightbank and since then, we’ve built the apps, designed the sites, developed the concepts and actualized an array of other custom work: Check it out! P.S. We also developed Keywell’s and Lefkoski’s personal sites as well.

WatermelonExpress: A smart and convenient mobile study guide (for LSATs, MCATs, SATs, etc.) consisting of educational apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, desktop and online.

DealsGoRound: An online marketplace for re-selling, buying and trading daily deals from the nation’s premier daily deal websites, a secondary market for unused coupons.

Poggled: An easy way to find discounts on favorite local bars and restaurants based on crowd type via online and mobile (the Groupon of nightlife currently in the Chicago market).

Betterfly: An online marketplace for people looking to learn  (yoga, piano teacher, etc.) and for hobbyists and enthusiasts (tied in with Yelp and Craigs List) to help them earn money doing the things they love.

Body Shop Bids: The Lending Tree of the car repair business, a way to connect car owners with car repair services based on location, damage, reviews and ultimately bids from body shops via online or mobile.

Sprout Social: An organizational tool for all your social networks, a resource of marketing managing tools for businesses, a way to build customer interaction and find out what customers are saying.

Pawngo: A safe and easy way to borrow money online against personal belongings, an online pawn shop.