The Peep Show Series #3

Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce to you the 3rd installment of doejo’s “Peep Show Series” where we like to get a little cozy, perhaps spoon each other and learn more about the team here at doejo! We don’t bite… we just code. So this week we are spotlighting two very talented designers that not only know how to design wonderful websites but also don’t go crazy by staring at a black screen full of rainbow colored letters like <div> and lots of #’s and /’s. Annnnnyways, lets take a peep inside the brains and pockets of Ziad Hussain and Masha Safina!

A short yet profound interview with our numbaonestunna… Ziad Hussain:

Q. So Ziad (pronounced zee-odd)… that’s a pretty sweet name. Do people automatically start fanning you with palm tree leaves or drop down to bow at your feet?

Occasionally people do bow, but I have to tell them that I am not in fact a chunky Fred Savage from “The Wonder Years.”  It’s usually a big letdown for them, but I let them know that there are literally 10s of people who know me on the internet, and that makes them feel better.

Q. Other than intimidating people with your name, what is it that you do here at doejo?

We have a meditation bell here at Doejo, and my job is to ring it every time we close a new client.  In between the bell ringing, I do the Ruby on Rails and the twitter. 

Q.  So you are a web developer, full of fancy digital knowledge, code and design your own sites….. yet you have a nokia phone from 2001. Whats up with that?

That Nokia phone is actually from the year 2012, post Mayan apocalypse.  Smart phones no longer work and you get all your internet via sms.  It came to my house in a netflix envelope so I kept it.  While other people are checking their phones to see what time the bus is coming, I just wait for the bus and it comes anyway, pretty amazing.


We needed some more estrogen up in here so we grabbed the only female web developer and decided to interrogate her under harsh lighting. Here’s what we got outta front-end developer, Masha Safina:

1. So I see you are the only female coder over here in this dude corner. Would you say that web developing is a man’s game?

Well, usually females are busy with other more important things: knitting sweaters, discovering radioactivity, cooking apple pies or developing radioimmunoassay (RIA) techniques. 

2. Woah thats a lot of big words for a dumb artist like me… can you translate?

Women are good at baking sh*t and being smart.

2. What do you like the most about working at the doejo?

The fact that I’m the only female coder over here 😀

3. I have to ask, what’s up with all the dinosaurs?

They are extinct 🙁

Welp, thats it for now readers. If you wanna check out the last Peep Show. CLICK HERE!

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