Top Web Design Trends 2020

According to techjury, the number of active websites has reached to 1.94 billion. With continuous rapid technological advancements, the web designs dominating our screens are changing too. Companies also seek looks that sell because everyone knows for a fact that the design of the website can influence a customer’s opinion on the brand or its product. 

Contemporary websites provide businesses an authentic branding opportunity to interact with potential clients. By merely making use of plenty of visual tools to deliver their audience a captivating story about the brand, designers a

10 Exciting and Visually Inspiring Web Designs Trends 

In the past, we learned about the web design and development process, and we already started to see noticeable changes in web design aesthetics. Now, it’s time to envision the top web design trends of 2020.  These styles are expected to remain at the top of the list for the entire year.  To we consulted some industry experts and asked them to share what they’re seeing. 

  1. Here’s what they shared with us… Abstract illustrations

While tailored illustrations are common in the website world for years, there is a growing emphasis en route for 3D graphics and hand-drawn 2D illustrations as they give a modern and smooth vibe to the screen. A bit of micro animation combined with custom images and illustrations genuinely helps to grab the attention of visitors in the first place. They can be used as an additional tool to text creates a fun site that’s unforgettable. 

  1. Liquid Animations

Liquid-style web design with a water-like animation movement is basically physics of fun. Usually, liquid comes in several states, but when it comes to web design, it is not restricted to one customary shape.  Designers are stumbled upon unusual solutions by playing around dense colors.  The naturalistic web design is going to work for all-inclusive scenes because it gives a unique outlook to the website with striking liquid effect background embedded with décor. The tip is to set the right speed of the movement to ensure fluidity and smoothness for the utmost realistic feel.

  1. Classic Black and White Design

Under this web design category, no color is allowed. Yes, you heard it right! This year we will be seeing more sites sticking to monochromatic hue focusing primarily on black and white with a very little in between. Basically, developers pick this web design because it gives a crisp, clean, and sleek look to the site. 

  1. Dark Mode Design

We cannot ignore the fact that there are some standard web design crafts that will never go out of style no matter in which century we live. The dark design is a perfect choice for developers who are interested in giving users the option to enable a dark theme because dark backgrounds are easy-on-the-eyes. The best thing is that dark mode design always looks ultra-classic, and the aesthetics perfectly fits with other top web design trends including glowing neon color schemes.

  1. 3D Design and Motion Effects 

We see a big push for 3D rendered designs as it gives users little unforeseen and satisfying every time. With recent uptake in the use of 3D and 4D Cinema, we expect that 3D model is going to be more engaging than ever. This makes sense because motion effects suggest a modern vibe that forces people to stay for a longer period on the website due to the immersive online experiences it offers.

  1. Text-only 
  2. Despite the limitations of typography, a large bunch of designers has not stopped using text as the only visible element on their web pages.  Designers who support this web design use little variation on weight, wording, style, and size. With text-only websites, designers have found a great way to produce beautiful and spectacular visuals without using sophisticated graphics and motions, etc, they let the text speak.Outlined Typography

Outlined typography is an emerging web-design trend gaining more and more acceptance in the designer community. Being distinctive in terms of typography is a unique benefit in the world of web, especially when you have only a handful of fonts and styles to work with. You can always take inspiration from this web design no matter whether you are creating a website for a sophisticated product or kid’s product like ‘Spiderman jacket’.

  1. Vintage-Inspired Websites

The vintage-style inspired look of 90’s is also anticipated as a major hot look of 2020. Extensive backgrounds filled with bulky computers, cellphones, stars, and planets using hints of nostalgia gives a proper vintage feeling to the webpage. We will be seeing more web designs influenced by the television era remixing with up-to-date schemes and styles. 

  1. Minimalist Design

Embracing minimalism doesn’t mean that you are bound to use only black and white. It means limiting your palette to a few colors and avoids putting significant texts on the website. Developers increasingly use minimalistic outlines for their sophisticated target population. It’s about being deliberate in making design choices so that users do not have to spend time in moving around. In fact, minimalism navigation takes away the pain emerges from the difficulty in usability and gives users more time to immerse in the site instead of wondering how to move.  

  1. Parallax Scrolling Websites

Parallax scrolling has been common in filmed games for more than a decade, but it recently entered the web design world. The scrolling effect enables background images to move slower than images at the foreground. This cool effect is new in town and popular among sites loaded with content

Final Verdict 

In past, we see visuals as something to brighten up the page, and today, web designers use anything from illustrations to patterns and icons intentionally to support the message and develop a brand identity. You only need to be thoughtful in selecting ingredients to create the magic. 

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