Web Development in 2021

Web development has evolved significantly in the past couple of years, avoiding plateauing amid creations of PWA, VEP, and improved AI and UI amid general software features. The continuation of web development through the year will involve business capacities and consumer demands, guided by both scientific development and market trends. An examination of current capacities and expected directions can help people remain current with literature and best practices in a more narrowed and strategic manner.

Developmental directions and research implications for innovation have encompassed improved application creation from less coding, increased machine learning, AI speed gains, IoT expanding voice searching, PWAs making further gains over native applications, and increased motion UI use. More general further improvements are also commonly expected in cloud computing, security, and customization.

Meanwhile, the adoption of existing trends will improve as organizations feel they are better able or more safely capable of investing in them. It is expected that 5G will be more mainstream as it becomes more affordable. Customer data platforms will also be used more frequently as foreign outsourcing and COVID trends continue to facilitate more remote work. 

Security changes are expected to involve some specific improvements as technology increases in general complexity. IoT cybersecurity and cryptosecurity are leaders in this area. The rising popularity of both areas may facilitate further improvements beyond general technological capacities. Confidentiality polices are expected to involve new protocol and increased protection amid expanding features and applications.

The continuation of COVID restrictions is expected to facilitate more development of machine learning, AI, and information tools than would have taken place otherwise. AI is also expected to have some added emphasis amid increasing combinations of relevant information such as user history (including actions), collaborations, and online partnership types. Improved chatbots and voice-related software features are expected to accompany these as operations include more automated user interactivity elements.

Remaining current with literature and best practices facilitates competitive advantage. Evolving innovations are expected to have increasing capacity throughout the year. Meanwhile, existing technology has greater capacity to develop effective track records while becoming more affordable.

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