WhoDat? released in iTunes App Store today

We just released another app into the wild! WhoDat? If you liked Guess Who growing up, think about how much fun it’d be with people you know on Facebook! It’s like they say, everyone loves a gossip, right?

Here’s the iTunes App Store description for more details: 

How well do you really know your friends? WhoDat? is an addicting social app that turns your phone and Facebook friend list into your favorite childhood face guessing game. Pick your opponent then challenge them to a game by creating a game board filled with your mutual Facebook friends.

Is it a boy? Is she blonde? Does Katie have a crush on him? Did they go to school in Michigan? Do they like Wizard Rock bands? Whatever! Eliminate people based on the other player’s response. Be the first to guess your opponent’s secret character and you win. Play multiple game boards with multiple friends.

If you don’t want to play using mutual Facebook friends there’s also a WhoDat? board of crazy characters for classic game play, Or for $.99, choose from themed game boards that include popular celebrities and musicians. More updates to come!


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