Why Blockchain Should Be Considered as One of the Best Tools for Mobile App Development?

Mobile apps are all around us, making our life easier, more entertaining, simpler and productive. The developers of mobile apps are thriving as well, but they have to keep up with the security standards in order to maintain their customers’ trust.

The main building block for securing a mobile app is the cutting-edge blockchain technology.

In this article, we will explain why blockchain is the best choice for mobile app development and all the benefits it has, both for developers and users.

 It’s Reliable

The search for the most reliable development platform has been happening for decades, until major players in the industry all recognized the importance and the potential of blockchain technology.

Blockchain development is designed in such a way that the chances of collapse and downtime are almost impossible. The technology achieved this by separating data into blocks that are stored in various positions.

This serves as a diversification of data, which means that if one part of the system goes down, the whole system will still be up due to all other backups. 

This is why Blockchain is perfect for those mobile apps who are planning to manage massive amounts of user data. 

It’s Extra-Secure

We have already mentioned that the idea behind blockchain is that it’s the most secure development strategy out there.

In our day and age of frequent privacy breaches and hacks, mobile app security has never been more important. Especially when most of us now connect our financial info and credit card details to our favourite apps, or install banking apps to manage our finances.

How does Blockchain enable additional security layers?

“Blockchain is shrouded in encrypted data, which means it’s basically impossible for a third-party to penetrate your app’s data. The security of blockchain apps is also enabled by the very blocks: since they are interconnected, outsiders and hackers would have a really hard time entering that kind of a system”, says Joel Thompson, a technology consultant at Subjecto.

It’s Simple

Even though it may not seem like it for beginners, blockchain is actually one of the simplest technologies you can use for mobile app development. Here is a simplified scheme of how it works:

Image source: Financial Times

As a developer, you can use this design scheme to cover all those steps necessary for a blockchain to work. It’s an open-source technology platform that enables anyone to share, learn and contribute to the success of this tech. There are also online tools that can help you:

  • Figma – UI design tool available for free that can help you create a mock-up of your user interface
  • Truffle Framework – a development environment for creating Ethereum-based blockchain mobile apps
  • Solium – a security tool that helps you test out and discover security gaps in your app
  • TopEssayWriting – a platform of writers who can help you develop texts and promotional material for your mobile app
  • Metamask – an online wallet that serves as a bridge between commonly used browsers (Chrome and Firefox) and Ethereum blockchain; enables you to test out your app in a browser

If you’re just at the beginning, you can also visit blockchain developer forums, where you can find experiences similar to yours and find out the steps to mastering blockchain. 

It’s Easy to Learn

Even if you’re a complete rookie, you will be able to start creating mobile apps with blockchain in a matter of weeks.

Due to the technology’s rising popularity and media coverage, there has been an increased number of courses, seminars and conferences dedicated to deepening the knowledge on this disruptive technology.

If you are a beginner, you can take some of the blockchain classes designed for basic users. Visit Udemy or Coursera (for blockchain classes), ClassyEssay (for preparing the content that will power your app), The Blockchain Academy (to become an expert in blockchain before you start developing your mobile app), BeGraded (for help with promotional materials and help in attracting new users of your mobile app) or Hacker Noon (to see some of the most recent developments in blockchain).

Advanced users also have a lot of resources at their disposal: when you’re browsing for a course or a class, check to see whether the course is intermediate or expert-friendly.

It’s Update-Friendly

Given that blockchain is the fastest-growing technology platform that’s used by leading corporations and app developers, it can be expected that it will receive more updates than any other platform.

If you’re a mobile app developer, this is an important factor because your users will expect advancements and progress in security, transparency and performance.

In order to cater to its billions of users, blockchain will be constantly tailored and perfected to work at optimal performance at all times. As an app developer, it’s definitely good to know that the technology behind your mobile app is constantly being tweaked and perfected, and there will never be a halt in progress. 

It’s Cost-Effective

Blockchain is the most budget-friendly tool for developers. If you are looking to start the next billion-dollar tech company with only a couple of hundreds of dollars, blockchain can actually make that happen. 

Blockchain is an open-source technology, which means that all developers can share and use the same updates and upgrades that make the technology better and more efficient. This can significantly decrease the time necessary for app development, because you will be able to use code from other experts. 

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to develop a mobile app, it’s blockchain. 


Blockchain has definitely lived up to the hype it has been surrounded with in the past couple of years. It’s definitely not just a tech fad that will pass, but actually, a technology tool that is already part of many digital assets.

In order to keep up with all the recent developments and make sure your mobile app is ready for the world of tomorrow, use blockchain technology during development to ensure safety, reliability and quality. 


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