A look at in-house illustrator Homeless Cop’s work with Adult Swim

We’ve got quite the talented artist/ illustrator in our midst here at Doejo. It’s hard to pinpoint when Homeless Cop (AKA Jason Fennell) first caught our eye but his work started to snowball into numerous projects in May 2010. That’s when Doejo founder Phil commissioned his fine acrylic art work for his coffee shop, Kickstand in Lakeview and worked with him to produce animated shorts for Turner Broadcasting’s Adult Swim network.

Homeless Cop’s fanciful scenes of monsters in corporate suits surrounded by alternative pop-culture references, among other themes, were made into promotional commercial bumps and a nation-wide mural campaign for Adult Swim — We’re currently working on producing a pilot episode for Homeless Cop, the animated series, for the adult-oriented cartoon cable channel.

This year has been as trippy as a suit-wearing one-eyed monster riding a computer-faced elephant — which is what Homeless Cop painted as a 12-foot mural for us in our office if you haven’t seen it. Check out the portfolio site and blog we hooked Homeless Cop with to see all his videos and commissioned pieces. — He’s even done portraits for Conan O’Brien and The Office’s  Rainn Wilson, among others.