MemoEdu + Doejo

MemoEdu engages Doejo to help consult with all things web 🙂

48 Hour Film Project + Doejo

I Philip Tadros, founder of Doejo have been toying with wanting to create content for entertainment as far back as i can imagine. I remember making music videos in my basement with my brother Merik … Continued

General Assembly + Philip Tadros

Co-Founder, CEO: Doejo A true serial entrepreneur, Phil Tadros has a yearning for creative problem solving that has carried him through nearly two decades of starting new businesses. From opening Bow Truss, the fastest growing … Continued

6 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Be Better Teachers

2. Link lessons to projects.  One of the keys to teaching entrepreneurship, and many other subjects, is project-based learning. That’s learning by doing and applying lessons to long-term, long-range projects. It’s a great way to … Continued

4 Steps to Grow Your Organic Search Traffic

Fix the meta description. Phil Tadros, leader of coworking space Space Doejo, emphasized the importance of the meta description. â€śI went out of my way to spend time tweaking and fine-tuning the meta description of my site,” Tadros … Continued