5 Fast Growing SaaS Startups to Watch in 2021

In 2021, the already thriving SaaS industry is showing promising signs of further forward momentum. Research reveals that an estimated 73% of public companies are going to turn a majority of their apps into SaaS … Continued

Rise of Clubhouse

Drop-in Audio App Traditionally speaking, social media platforms have operated on the premise of openness and inclusivity to cast the widest net and capture the largest network of users as possible. Twitter has long been … Continued

How to design an algorithm

By: Adam Conrad If you missed my previous article, I’m going to spend a series of articles providing notes as I audit Steven Skiena’s CSE 373 Analysis of Algorithms class. In the first lecture, Skiena mentions you … Continued

Top Web Design Trends 2020

According to techjury, the number of active websites has reached to 1.94 billion. With continuous rapid technological advancements, the web designs dominating our screens are changing too. Companies also seek looks that sell because everyone … Continued

ZORCH : a branded merchandising company

Doejo launched the new Zorch website — a branded merchandising company that has a unique business model where companies are directly connected to the distributor and carry no inventory. For example, there’s a hypothetical company called Nana’s … Continued

UX Writing: Copy is Design

If you’re offering a digital product probably the most important aspect of it is user experience (often abbreviated as “UX” in Internet marketing). But how can you make sure a person is able to easily … Continued

Engagement Matters

Over the past couple of years you’ve probably noticed that brands have been engaging directly with their customers on social media. For example, you may have seen memes of Wendy’s interacting in humorous ways with … Continued

TikTok Posed to Surpass Instagram’s Growth in 2020

TikTok has become incredibly popular over the last couple of years, almost exclusively among Generation Z – if you didn’t know, that’s those born after the year 2000.  Because it’s mostly popular among younger people, … Continued

How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping UI/UX Design

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping each and every aspect of our work and life, and UI/UX design is not an exception. AI technologies open new opportunities for creators and furnish users with brand-new experience. … Continued

Sharing Development Ideas w/ Google

Hello Phil, Thank you for contacting Google Cloud Support. I understand that you need to move a Gmail label to Google Drive so you can share it. As a recap of our conversation, currently we … Continued