TikTok Posed to Surpass Instagram’s Growth in 2020

TikTok has become incredibly popular over the last couple of years, almost exclusively among Generation Z – if you didn’t know, that’s those born after the year 2000.  Because it’s mostly popular among younger people, … Continued

How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping UI/UX Design

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping each and every aspect of our work and life, and UI/UX design is not an exception. AI technologies open new opportunities for creators and furnish users with brand-new experience. … Continued

Sharing Development Ideas w/ Google

Hello Phil, Thank you for contacting Google Cloud Support. I understand that you need to move a Gmail label to Google Drive so you can share it. As a recap of our conversation, currently we … Continued

Best Mobile App Developers In Chicago 2019

The report features leading names in the mobile app industry who have made themselves known for their application development services. With key factors like client testimonials, work quality, and more, we are here to help … Continued


3 days, 50+ speakers,workshops, and more. WordCamp U.S. has something for everyone: long-term users, or folks just starting out.

Doejo + Co-working in Chicago

Doejo has help create and or launch four co-working brands in Chicago in the last six years. Industrious (branding, user experience, real estate, construction, interior design, business development and marketing)  Space (branding, user experience, real … Continued

Bold Patents + Doejo

“Doejo is an agency that has a long history of helping start ups launch and grow so the co-working business for us was a natural fit. They helped design and launch Industrious with the first … Continued

48 Hour Film Project + Doejo

I Philip Tadros, founder of Doejo have been toying with wanting to create content for entertainment as far back as i can imagine. I remember making music videos in my basement with my brother Merik … Continued