A platform of online voting for the Chicago Reader‚ Best of Chicago

Has it been a year already? Around this time last year we had finished the Chicago Reader’s infamous “Best of Chicago” voting system online. Our developers at Doejo were more than up to the task. Let’s face it, paper ballots are so 20th Century.

And who better to dish on the best venues, restaurants and hotspots of the city than Chicago’s largest free weekly newspaper? These guys get more than 800,000 weekly page views!

If you’re not familiar with the annual voter-submitted list, the alternative press leader hired Doejo to create a voting platform to cover 113 subcategories in five major categories: Goods and Services; Food and Drink; Arts and Entertainment; Sports and Recreation; and Civics. This helped readers chose “the best under-appreciated Chicago novel,” find “the best band t-shirt,” or discover the “best place to corner an alderman who’s ducking your calls.”

Our voting system was so successful, the Reader’s parent company Creative Loafing had Doejo revamp its “Best of the Bay” Tampa Bay news weekly as well.