All Good Things Just Need a Little Water to Grow

Doejo is partnering with the Academy for Global Citizenship (AGC) to change the world. Together, we will create better opportunities for future generations, starting right now.

Idealistic? Radical? Yep. We have no interest in supporting endeavors that aren’t. AGC isn’t aiming to provide an excellent standardized learning experience – that would be a total snooze. They are light years ahead of that outdated method of learning. This school is literally going to revolutionize the way that we, as a society, think about public education systems. Doejo wanted in on the action from the very moment we heard about this rebelliously progressive, holistically educational pursuit. 

Here are a few things that set them apart as an educational institution: 
AGC will be the first net-positive energy school building in the entire state of Illinois: WHAT!? YES. If you’re new to ‘green’ terminology, ‘net-positive’ means that they will not only produce enough energy to power their own buildings, but have enough left over to contribute to the power grid. Effing amazing.

The intricate interior and exterior architectural design plans for the school are only paralleled by the handful of other schools designed by the same firm. The vision for the buildings were whipped up by the intensely thoughtful and insanely talented group known as The Third Teacher. This posse is the collaborative effort of three groundbreaking design firms: VS America, Cannon Design, and Bruce Mau Design. The introductory quote on their website says it all: 

In the 1940s, pioneering Italian teacher and psychologist Loris Malaguzzi founded the Reggio Emilia approach to learning on the premise that children develop through interactions, first with the adults in their lives – parents and teachers – then with their peers, and ultimately with the environment around them. Environment, said Malaguzzi, is the third teacher.

Without looking at their address, where would you guess this innovative institution is located? Maybe Lincoln Park? Gold Coast? Wrong. The greatly overlooked and under-served Southwest side of Chicago. Riddled with factories and barely speckled with healthy food options, I can’t think of a more deserving place for a CPS school to set up shop, and grow with the community surrounding it. Check out AGC on the map!

That’s just a taste–a crisp drop–of the never-ending waterfall of coolness that is about to burst out of this school on the Southwest side of Chicago. Wait, what’s that noise? Aw SNAP! I can hear the roar of the water rolling nearer as I type t.h..i….sss

Their impact will not just change other schools in Chicago, but will likely soar across our state, country and dare I say: world. ACG will be a living, breathing example of the actual impact that thoroughly-educated children can make in this world. Education systems will decide the fate of our economy, our ability to sustainably harvest resources to host life on this planet, and our chance to make responsible decisions to ensure a bright future for our species.

This truly unique school is only deserving of a truly unique site. Check out he website doejo rocked out here!