Animography Creates Collaborative Animated Typeface: Franchise

Animography has been a leader in creating animated typefaces for motion designers and editors for a while, but they recently put together a collaborative animated typeface from one type designer, Derek Weathersbee, and 110 animators. Each animator was allowed to choose a glyph and animate it using no more than 4 colors and 25 frames. Each glyph was created on a 500 x 600 pixel canvas inside of After Effects. Individual pieces have been popping up all over the web for a weeks now, but the full typeface is finally available to download for free here.

The file contains all the keyframes, expressions and artwork from the artists. This makes it a great learning source for motion students and professionals.

The line-up of animators who worked on this project is pretty impressive. Some of my favorite young artists to work on this project include JR CanestPhong Luong and Nicolas Gerard.

doejo animated with franchise