Bookmark This: Map of the Dead: Zombie Survival Map by Jeff

Whelp, it finally happened. A zombie apocalypse. Luckily, you’ve been watching The Walking Dead religiously and mastered your “Thriller” choreography down to the final head roll. But now, you need a plan for survival.

You need to stock up! Water, medical supplies, fuel, food, designer athletic wear to make quick getaways and weapons! Well, take heart zombie hunters (not literally, of course, because then you’d be undead), Jeff at Doejo has developed a Google Map-integrated Zombie Survival Map at

The Zombie Survival Map will be your guide to narrowing down stores with groceries, hardware supplies, camping equipment, potential weapons, liquor (why not, right?); safe havens like shopping malls, military bases and police stations; and of course gas stations, hospitals, pharmacies and doctor’s offices, along with other valuable hotspots—Just type in your address or have The Zombie Survival Map pinpoint your location for you! Good luck! Oh, and stay away from cemeteries.