Brain Drain

*not actual album cover, although if anyone is interested in starting a band called baby eyes let me know…


Sometimes your brain comes to a pause, a blockage; you may wonder if you are part zombie,  your hope is grim, you start questioning your skills, etc.

I like to call this Brain Drain, your brain is clogged for whatever reason, it happens. Sometimes the only thing to do is stop whatever failing and time wasting patterns you are doing and ‘drink’ a little designer brain-o drain-o a.k.a. inspiration juice. Go back to your basics, what your eyes like(baby eyes childhood,fresh eyes)….what drew you into design or whatever your current calling is…something did. Go back to that happy time and soak it up for a bit, clear out those hair clogs and whatever else is in your brains drain. I like Records and vintage design, so I made a mock-doc of how I feel when I get cloudy brained, someone get me a Brain-aid…. Check out the site linked to the photo(So many great record cover designs)..

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