Building an intelligent purchasing platform and sale predictor: SaleHunch

We can’t all be extreme couponers let alone remember when our favorite stores are having those deep discount biannual sale “events.” With SaleHunch, a new shopping companion site we recently developed, you won’t have to.

At SaleHunch, you truly become a sale insider with sale alerts from about 30 retail shops (Express, Gap, Bloomingdales, Pottery Barn, J.Crew, etc.). Users can expect to see up to 80 percent saving alerts as well as some pretty legit promo codes. And, if that wasn’t enough, entrepreneur founders, Ross Devor and Tim Savage make sure you not know of expected sales (based on past precedents) with their SalePredictor system.

Check it out, we developed this custom site in about a month of first meeting Devor and Savage.

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