BuzzDraft: Building a game-changer in the fantasy sports betting arena

When the founders of BuzzDraft came to Doejo to bring their daily fantasy sports betting site idea to life, they wanted the most user-friendly, reward-driven gaming platform fitting for any first-timer and pro alike. We delivered the first round with fantasy football in January 2012, basketball soon after, and baseball, hockey and golf forthcoming.

Co-founders Jeff Lande, Max Chiswick and their management team come from a fanatic online sports betting background, combining their skills in professional poker playing, computer science and entrepreneurialism.  BuzzDraft was designed with the user in mind: a game-like interface; quick and seamless sign-up; a VIP-tiered platform with high rewards; and swarming with contests and prizes—like Super Bowl tickets and “Play with the Pros” promotions with Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart and Bulls shooting guard Ronnie Brewer.

Our designers created every detail from the BuzzDraft hornet logo and VIP badges to the user interface and conversational site copy—which essentially channels the voice of a Vince Vaughn character. While creating the BuzzDraft blog, merchandise store, and site-wide “chatter box” (for trash talk), our team also consulted BuzzDraft on the overall user experience and functionality—lauded by the fantasy sports blogosphere.

Facebook integration makes it easy to sign up in seconds and invite your friends (and their wallets). Our team constructed the platform parsing and interpreting live data from real world game play. So, when Jay Cutler makes a 22-yard touchdown pass on the field, a user that chose him as his quarterback gets 6.22 points within seconds of the play.

Users can create accounts and make draft picks in a lobby-style platform listing current and available games, sortable by sport; type of draft; buy-in (from free to $100); game size (one-on-one, 6 and 10 player leagues); and prize pool. Users can actually win up to 50% of their rake back (which is like the site’s cut of your winnings).

The rewards for loyalty and skill are catching the attention of fantasy sports enthusiasts too. The higher in rank you go, the faster you can earn “BuzzDraft Points,” which can then be redeemed for cash bonuses or merchandise. It is no wonder BuzzDraft hit its 1000th user mark within a month of launching.

From “This VIP program could very well be a game changer for how other daily fantasy sites conduct their business in general.” says, “The interface is slick and seamless, navigating around the site is a breeze even for a rookie. I signed up using Facebook connect and had my own account in under 30 seconds of opening the site!”

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